A satirical short film focusing on gender inequality and power structures. Written, produced and directed in collaboration with Evita Rigert and Annamaria Merkel. With the notion that each era creates or revives mythologies to help make sense of the world, this short film extends the myth of the unicorn, an ancient mystical creature into a contemporary fictional scenario. The film depicts a BBC news scene in which paradigms have shifted and women rule the world, featuring an interview with a white male unicorn and leader of the menimist movement, Sir Henry Charles Philip Turner. The script is based on factual gender inequality statistics from the film industry. The concept supports subversive thinking by illustrating the absurdity of current debates in feminism, often purely focused on women instead of general identity politics and by doing so reinforcing bias and social prejudices. The myth of the unicorn and the satirical approach is used to reveal gender bias in the conceptualisation of power within institutions and society as a whole.
The Neigh Sayer (2018)
Cast - Translator - Anca Vaida / Reporter - Karina Frik / Anchorwoman - Sadie Clark / Sir Henry Philipp Charles Turner - Michael Adriaan Visagie | Directors of Photography - Giacomo La Monaca / Tom Sweetland | Directed By - Annamaria Merkel | Script Development - Heather Griffin / Annamaria Merkel / Evita Rigert | Production Management- Heather Griffin / Annamaria Merkel / Evita Rigert | Colour Grading, Motion Graphics & Sound - Heather Griffin | Editing - Annamaria Merkel / Heather Griffin | Styling, Costume & Make Up - Evita Rigert | Music - Evelinn Trouble "Monstrous" | Thank You - Emily Rudge / Rob Crosse / Yanessa Gebre / Irene Altaio / Santiago Goria / Caterina Cantaro / Leon Lapa Pereira / Patrick Mulvihill / Fabio Burri / Ada Reintal / SANDBERG INSTITUUT / UNIVERSITY OF THE UNDERGROUND / VILLAGE UNDERGROUND / THE BRITISH COUNCIL / BFI
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