At the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial “School of Schools” Heather Griffin, Annamaria Merkel and Evita Rigert, presented as a collective at the exhibition space Arter under the name “The School of Consumption”. We wrote and produced a bilingual radio play, M’n’M, which was performed in collaboration with “Perform Istanbul” – the first contemporary platform for Performance Art in Turkey. M’n’M is a contemporary hybrid incarnation of capital and state, inspired by the myths of Mercury, the God of Trade and Midas, the King with the golden touch. M’n’M was interviewed by an unnamed media outlet and proceeded to have a bilingual absurdist debate, in Turkish and English, about economic bubbles and the role of capital and state in our current system, this interview eventually ended in chaos, the bubble burst! M’n’M represents the absurd, complex, endlessly intertwined relationship of state and capital, the uncertainty of our economic systems yet this relationship and these ambiguous systems are perpetuated and celebrated by mainstream media.
M'n'M (2019)
Performers - Host - Heather Griffin / Mercury - Annamaria Merkel / Midas -
Aslı DinçDirected By - Heather Griffin / Annamaria Merkel / Evita Rigert | Script Development - Heather Griffin / Annamaria Merkel | Production Management- Heather Griffin / Annamaria Merkel / Evita Rigert | Styling, Costume & Make Up - Evita Rigert | Graphics - Heather Griffin |  Thank You - PERFORM ISTANBUL / SANDBERG INSTITUUT / UNIVERSITY OF THE UNDERGROUND / ISTANBUL BIENNIAL / ARTER 
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